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Antique Mahogany Desk Refurbishment

Project type

Antique Mahogany Desk


September 2023


Houlton, ME

We've been working on this antique mahogany desk for a few weekends now. The desk's varnish needed to be removed and the cabernet stain sanded down. The writing portion of the desk has been worn over time with large scratches and dents and some ink staining. There was also a large crack in the side.

We started by removing the letter box and disassembling it. Next, Scott stripped and sanded the entire piece and repaired the crack. Our clients stopped by to see the sanded desk and we discussed the scratches, dents, and ink stains. Sanding them away would remove too much of the wood and oxalic acid could be added to lighten the stains but our clients chose to keep all of the "blemishes" for the history and charm of the piece.

We decided on General Finishes Provincial and Black Cherry stain mix with a satin top coat.

This project is now completed and finished photos have been added.

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